i want to like you but i’m scared i won’t have time.

I’m so tired of trying to hold it together,
I know I’m never going to get better,
Just let me sink into this cemetery weather.

My lips taste like nicotine kisses,
taste like girls that shake with adderall addictions, taste like
boys that come with their fists
already forming bruises, taste like
death has been frenching me
since before i was sixteen

'cause I can't remember the last time
I felt anything but numb
oh god oh god I just want to be

Cemetery Weather (Noun): When the only sound in your ribs is a death rattle. /// A collaboration between chasingavenues and inkskinned. (via inkskinned)


I try not to care about him and just when I think it works he walks in and everything else on this planet disappears.”

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"it seems the cells have multiplied"


do you like me or am i delusional - the movie trilogy